CS 6832: Applied Cryptography           

Location: Phillips Hall 307

Time: TuTh 1:25PM - 2:40PM

Instructor: Elaine Shi

Course Description

We will explore how to program and adopt cryptography in secure systems design, including applications such as cloud computing and cryptocurrencies.  We will also explore interesting research questions and how to do research in applied cryptography. 


Background recommended but not required:

Undergraduate-level security or cryptography. We welcome students from non-cryptography areas such as programming languages and systems to participate and contribute to our discussions.



Class of May 3rd in Gates 203 !!! 



Homeworks and small project 40%
Class participation and reading critiques 20%
Final project 40%


Academic integrity

Students are advised to read the university's policy regarding academic integrity.
You may discuss homework in a general way with other students, but you may not consult any one else's written work. Any similarity in form or notation between submissions with different authors will be regarded as evidence of academic dishonesty -- so protect your work. Sharing of code on programming assignments is a form of academic dishonesty.